Monday, April 28, 2008

Dear Students: From Elmhurst College:

The time has come! For an internet renaissance at Colleges everywhere.

Do you use the internet?
Do you enjoy writing?

Then blogging is for you!

Come join the budding blogging community, as it makes its debut on computers across the globe.

A blog is essentially an online personal publication site, which one can use to post news, editorials, gossip and other things, like music, videos and more! The word blog comes from the term web-log.

What can you do once you have your own blog?
  • Submit your stories and funny observations about life.
  • Share information, ideas and questions
  • Share papers and research materials
  • Advertise on your blog, and GET PAID!
  • Start a "blog-roll" and link your blog to your friend's blog
  • Participate in a global cyber-community

For More information about this blog email me, Kevin Lepore, at