Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oh, I Do Lots Of Things:

Here's a list of useful ways to spend time on the internet:

1. Stumble Upon - This fun application can be downloaded for free here. Stumble Upon is a web surfing tool that allows you to attune your web surfing experience to your specific interests. Click the stumble button on your web browser's tool bar and Stumble Upon will bring you to a website that may or may not interest you. A rating system is used so that Stumble Upon can learn your likes and dislikes. This tool will help you find all of the golden nuggets hidden in the deep recesses of the internet.

2. TED Talks - Ted Talks, available at, are by far one of the most educational nuggets that I have ever stumbled upon. TED is an annual conference, where experts in Technology, Entertainment, and Design are invited to give 20 minute lectures about the most exciting advancements in these fields. Some notable attendees: Bill Clinton, Steven Hawking, Richard Dawkins, J. J. Abrams, Peter Gabriel and Bono. The talks are about a range of things; from saving the African continent and building a better (more GREEN) future, to the importance of slowing down and stopping to smell the roses, TED has it all.

3. UC Berkeley Webcasts - Only about a tenth of applicants are accepted into the freshmen class at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. Now, thanks to the internet, anyone can attend classes at UC Berkeley for free (though not (yet) for college credit). For convenience, the university records lectures and posts them on a specially created Website. Here anyone can view an entire semester's worth of lectures in a range of subjects.

4. Hulu - is a website that has all of your favorite t.v. shows in one convenient location. Fox and NBC control over 50 cable networks, all of which post high quality streaming videos of the hottest shows onto Hulu. Such fan favorites as The Office, The Simpsons, Family Guy and Arrested development can be watched here, at anytime, for free, with very limited commercial interruption. Remember the writer's strike? Writer's weren't getting paid for ad revenues coming from sites like these - now they are.

Whether you are looking for entertainment, an education, or any number of other things, the internet has something to offer for everyone. Flip through these websites and let me know what you all think.


- Kevin Lepore

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